The Bad Egg Update!

EGGSTRA EGGSTRA! Read all about it! Blue Wizard Digital is launching a brand new game, and YOU can get early access NOW!

Introducing the baddest new egg game around:! Bad Egg is a single player survival game where you play as a lone egg that must outlast hordes of zombie chickens! Choose the best weapons, power-ups, and upgrades to fight your way through throngs of pecking poultry who are out for yolk. Be one of the first to play and find out if you are bad enough to survive!

We are so eggcited to share Bad Egg with you, we decided to dedicate our mid-November Shell Shockers update to everything Bad Egg. There are two brand new weapons, taken directly from Bad Egg! You will also find a whole bunch of Bad Egg themed hats and stamps, so you can show everyone which Bad Egg tactics you prefer. All available in the shop for a limited time! is available for early access play NOW! Go check it out once you’ve redeemed your reward below! As always, we would love to hear your feedback, so let us know what you think by replying to this email. We will be adding new content to Bad Egg over the coming weeks so stay tuned for more!

Full Update Changelog:

  • There are some new Bad Eggs in town! Check out the brand new egg-themed survival game from Blue Wizard Digital:!
  • Who’s bad? You’re bad! Look badical with our Bad Egg skins, available for a limited time!
  • Flaunt the latest fall fashions with the premium Fall Wings, in store for two weeks only, and delivered FREE to VIP members!
  • The supernatural and powerful Valkyrie Crackshot has been added to the store
  • Boo who? The Halloween items have been vaulted
  • Added more translations and other various bug fixes
  • Micro-tweaks to RatsMansion, and Crowsnest
  • Moved GrowlerMoonbaseTrainyard, and Wreckage to the public map pool
  • Moved SpartaJinxHaunted, and Mansion to the private map pool

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