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Shell Shockers Update: Cursed!

More Halloween has arrived in Shell Shockers! Check out the new additions in our latest update: Moar Scary Stamps and Ghoulish Guns - Halloween item update! Premium Moth Pixel Wings - Winged Doom for all VIP members Special edition Shell Game Stamps Updates made to Jinx to create better pathing Moved Dirt, Stage and Moonbase to the public map pool Moved Sparta, Rameses, and Wreckage to the private map pools For updates, freebies and more, [...]

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Shell Shockers Update: Witchin’!

🎃 How do Monsters like their eggs?🎃 😱 Terri-fried 🍳 Introducing the Halloween Skin set for this month only! Dare you try the howling new Halloween Map - Jinx? Premium Retro Scrambler gifted to all VIP members New Golden Beak stamp and updated VIP skins added for all VIP members! Updates made to 4 Quarters to add more close range play! Moved 4 Quarters, Jinx and Haunted to the public map pool Moved Palace Siege, Helix, and Mud Gulch to the private map pool For updates, freebies [...]

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Shell Shockers Update: Wero Returns!

Our mid-September Shell Shockers update brings some of the most epic items yet! Check out all of our new changes: Introducing the hawt Premium Glitch Wings available to all VIP members Added the Ultimate Bro-Down Set, Shotgun and pistol, to the store! Wero Returns - Wear the Wero. Throw the Wero. Watch the Wero. Map Stax Arena gets a minor [...]

By |2021-09-16T15:05:05-07:00September 15th, 2021|Blog, Shell Shockers|2 Comments

Shell Shockers Update: A+ Set!

🌌Time to Nerd Out! ✏️ The A+ skin series has officially landed! Introducing the A+ Skin set for this month only!  Premium Glitterbomb Grenade gifted to all VIP members Massive Map upgrade! Try New Jailbreak, Catacombs, Rameses, Space Arena, Bastion, & Sparta! Moved Jailbreak, Catacombs and Rameses to the public map pool Moved Space Factory, Feedlot, and Overcooked to the private map pool For updates, freebies and more, sign up [...]

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