The Wizards

Jason Kapalka
Jason KapalkaDemi-Lich
JASON KAPALKA co-founded PopCap Games, the developer of Bejeweled, Plants vs Zombies, Peggle, Zuma and other popular titles, and was the chief game designer there for over a decade. He is also the owner of the Storm Crow Tavern, Vancouver’s infamous “nerd bar,” as well as the beloved Snackers, the World’s Softest Cat. He makes his home in the remote wind-blasted wilds of the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island, in the legendary realm of Canadia.
Isaac Aubrey
Isaac AubreyOverwurm
Isaac has been playing all manner of video games since the late 70’s, but only started working on them in 2000. Traversing the winding paths between Electronic Arts, Sierra, PopCap Games, Valkyrie Entertainment, Microsoft and Double Down, Isaac has finally arrived at the promised land: BLUE WIZARD. Now fully burrowing in, Isaac enjoys spreadsheets, flowcharts, pushing verts around, making bleeps and bloops, thinking about office spaces, beer, coffee and herding the coolest of cats.
Matt Holmberg
Matt HolmbergPictomancer
Matt got professionally into video games at an early age, doing beta and focus testing for Nintendo’s evaluation center, before starting work at Squaresoft USA at the age of 14! After starting a company with some wild ex-Nintendo guys in ’98, Matt has been making games ever since, doing art for Magi Nation, Feeding Frenzy 2, Peggle Nights, Talismania, Plants vs Zombies, Bejeweled, Rakuen and Allied Star Police, a “Make a Wish Foundation” game that he is very proud to have been a part of.
Dave Quinn
Dave QuinnCode Alchemist
Dave is a battle-hardened veteran of the gaming clan wars of Seattle. For eight years he amassed all manner of arcane knowledge and mighty spells. but it was never enough. Seduced by dark promises of power, he allied himself with the mysterious Blue Wizards. Now, by day and dark night he warps The Code to their communal bidding, hoping—one day—to complete the Ritual of High Strategy.
Nate Schmold
Nate SchmoldSpoony Bard
Nate let a syrup of cartoons and video games seep deep into his creative pancreas, where it blossomed into a desire to bring strange and wonderful things into the world. After a 13 year stint managing indie label Neferiu Records and illustrating and performing as underground graffiti-electro-hiphop superstar ‘Mantrakid’, Nate combined his interests to create his first video game: Cosmochoria.
Tristan Dahl
Tristan DahlCoda Prentice
Tristan is the new kid on the block and the only one on the team to have worked exclusively on games you definitely haven’t heard of! Using sleight of hand and outright lies he has been able to convince the rest of the team that he is able to code and he spends hours each day worrying they might catch on to his lie.
Anthony Coleman
Anthony ColemanModron
Anthony is a long time devotee to all things gaming. Growing up on a diet of tabletop games, consoles, and pc games. Ant, at some point, realized that people actually make a living creating games. From then on he has focused his attention on the craft of great games, first learning the mystical arts of code and design. His journey finally lead him to PopCap games. After the long years on the front lines of casual games at PopCap, he left in search of new challenges. Eventually finding a home among the adventurers of Blue Wizard.
Jessi Ross
Jessi RossJessi
Jessi began working with Nate Schmold as an artist on his underground indie mega smash hit Cosmochoria. Soon after, she was wooed to the power of the Blue side and joined the ranks of the Wizards. Her ability to adapt to any situation quickly landed her a key spot as an artist, level designer and animator on Slayaway Camp. The least important thing about Jessi, but one we feel worth mentioning, is that when going to fancy restaurants she only orders soup. It annoys her when this is brought up, and so we have included it in her bio.

The Fallen

Jeremy Bilas
Jeremy BilasCode Vandal
Jeremy was swallowed by a gelatinous cube.
Ido Yehieli
Ido YehieliBug Hunter
In the ancient forests of Un’Etah, venomous vermin lurk. Patiently waiting to feed upon unsuspecting passersby, they are the scourge of the land. Skilled in the art of the hunt & scarred by many battles with these devious beasts, Ido leaves a trail of chitinous carcasses and relieved villagers in his wake. In recent times he has been appointed Lead Ranger & Protector of the sacred grounds of Slayaway Camp.